Prada Uzodimma Imo Indigenes Law Scholarship Grant.



In the realm of transformative endeavors undertaken by Principle Legal Consult, shines a beacon of hope — the Prada Uzodimma Law School Scholarship Grant (PUSG). It has stood as a catalyst, shaping the destinies of aspiring lawyers, dismantling barriers, and nurturing dreams. PUSG, an annual Scholarship Grant for indigent aspiring law students, has sponsored over 50 beneficiaries to the Nigerian Law School, who have ascended to become esteemed barristers and solicitors of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Sprouting from the profound success of PUSG, Barrister Prada’s vision expands, stretching beyond familiar horizons. Introducing the Prada Uzodimma Imo Indigenes Law Scholarship Grant (PUIISG), a beacon meticulously crafted for the resilient hearts of Imo. This scholarship grant aspires to sponsor Imo indigenes to study law at any state or federal university in Nigeria.

Together, let's script narratives of triumph, weaving dreams into reality. Prada Uzodimma Imo Indigenes Law Scholarship Grant — a legacy of empowerment, a gift to the brilliant souls of Imo, stands poised for realization with your indispensable support.

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